Monday, March 31, 2014

Grain Free Chocolate Granola (Paleo) ...

My friend Julie-Anne has generously shared some healthy Paleo recipes with me. Although I am not strictly following a Paleo diet, I am certainly still eating really well and have enjoyed so many of the Paleo recipes shared with me by Julie-Anne, with many others I have found on the net. 

This Grain Free Chocolate Granola (Paleo) recipe shared with me by Julie-Anne, originating from the Delighted Momma blog (click on this link for the recipe), is a winner and guaranteed to put a little bit of spring in your step. Especially on a Monday morning :)

I usually just blitz any of the nuts I have in the fridge (almonds, sunflower seeds, pepitas and chia seeds) in my food processor, and then follow the recipe - yummy!

I eat this Granola with yoghurt and strawberries, but in typical Monday morning style, we have devoured all the strawberries in the fridge over the weekend. No matter. It is Monday. The sun is shining. I have had my yummy bowl of crunchy chocolatey goodness and am off to do a heap of washing :)

Here's to a happy week friends.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

comfort food...

What a week. The rain, although greatly needed for the poor garden, has brought with it many parenting challenges. The tantrums have been coming thick and fast, highlighted of course with the odd funny story or impromptu cuddle, making you still realise things are ok. I am so glad that we don't live somewhere cold, where it rains all of the time. Dominic wouldn't cope! Nor would we for that matter :) 
My boy is an outdoors boy through and through.

I have found myself this morning in the need of a little comfort, in the form of food. Homebaked, sugar filled food. Namely, delicious Apple Cake.

Kate Berry from the Lunchlady (I love Kate's blog which features her photography and other projects too), featured this recipe during the week. It looked amazing and my word, it is scrumptious. I have already had two pieces and as I listen to the pouring rain on our tin roof and the coughing and spluttering of Dominic in the background (of course we are sick again!), for a brief moment there is peace in the world. 
Such is the power of baking. 

Admittedly, I could find the same comfort from a romantic comedy or a good decorating magazine, but homemade cake is just so good for the soul :)
Hope you have had a good weekend. 
Go make yourself an indulgent homemade cake and enjoy a warm cup of tea in this miserable weather.


Kate Berry has two websites, one called the Lunchlady and another separate website for her photography and other projects. She is super talented. Both links are provided in this post - enjoy!

Friday, March 14, 2014

A nasty case of blogger envy...

Every now and then in the land called 'Blog', you come across a blogger that is so completely amazing that you are left feeling well, a little mediocre. Possibly even worse :)
This is especially so if the blogger is french, hot and lives in a gorgeous part of the french country side with her beautiful children, husband and dogs. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but once you become acquainted with the blogger Mimi Thorisson and her blog Manger, you too will feel my pain. This blog without sounding dramatic, is divine - in every sense of the word.

My friend Catherine from Farmhouse Home got me onto this blog (thanks Catherine - I am in love with your new blog design too by the way!) and quite simply I have been left agasp. The outfits worn by Mimi as she casually cooks in her kitchen are divine. There is even some shots on her blog of Mimi meandering threw a field with her beautiful daughter at her feet picking berries. But wait, she is wearing a three quarter length shoe string strap dress and gumboots! Her recipes are delicious and 'homely' and the photography included throughout the blog is equally amazing. Her husband Oddur Thorrison is a photographer. Need I say anymore.
I am beginning to sound neurotic or at best, a little loopy.
Just check out her blog and you will see exactly what I mean.

Here is the most beautiful video of her cooking too - found on Youtube.
A word of warning, if you a feeling hormonal or having one of those 'ugly days,' I suggest you watch this another time or with a glass of red and chocolate. You may be left feeling just a little depressed.  Do you know what is even more suckful, (yes, in the land of A Little Home with Freesia's this is a word) chances are in real life, Mimi is not only gorgeous and obviously talented, but nice too! ;)
I will say no more. Look at the blog, weep at the video and let me know whether you have been left feeling just a tad mediocre.

On that note dear friends, Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March can it be?

Well, we are officially into March. I remain quite confused as to where the last three months have gone.

We have settled into childcare and I am finally beginning to find my feet managing work, childcare, family, housework etc. I am crap with change, but eventually pull through - never without a drama or funny story to tell.

I have spent the morning trying to catch up on my favourite blogs and housework, while playing and providing entertainment. I believe Oprah calls it multi-tasking. I call it living in chaos :)
I have also been taking the odd photo. There are so many beautiful photos on my favourite blogs at the moment. People are so talented - it's ridiculous!

I was at a loss to what to write about today. I thought I could tell you about how I lost my iPhone at New Farm Park last Thursday. You heard it. My iPhone. 1000 photos and all, to then have it found by a total stranger. He went to great lengths to contact me, finally returning my phone on Friday. My photos have since been downloaded safely onto our computer and I remain very grateful for the honesty and kindness that is still very much alive in my community. I figured that the phone would be gone forever!

I then thought I could do a post on the trials and tribulations of toilet training the modern day three year old - but figured that would be boring and potentially over sharing :)  

Instead, I have opted to post some photos that I have taken of the house this morning. These photos are not necessarily of my favourite spaces, but where we seem to spend a great deal of our time.....

This photo represents how I would like you to think that we live - 'Home sweet, home'.
If you look carefully you can see yoghurt stains from little toddler paws on my favourite        
Aunty Cookie cushion. 

This photo represents the chaos behind the shot. I have had to dig my old quilt out of storage to cover the Vegemite stains all over the couch. The whole couch can't be shown cause of the washing I need to fold which is in the right hand corner. Not to mention the toilet training .... little puddles popping up everywhere. Even on the couch.... not the greatest of days.
I don't need to say anymore do I? :)

Hope you are all having a good week. Thank you so much to the new people that have started following my blog recently. I am also really excited to announce that I have been nominated for the Kidspot 'Voices of 2014' Top blogger award. Big hugs to friends and readers that took time out to vote for me.

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine

No Valentine's around here friends, but I was smothered in kisses by a very handsome little man this morning. My ever thoughtful mother sent Dominic this Valentine's Day card in the mail.
On the inside it read: 'Dom, we love you every day, not just on Valentine's Day!'
I could have cried :)
Happy Valentine's Day lovely friends. Make sure you have an extra fun weekend.

I promised a certain someone that I would update this post. I did receive a beautiful card from my Valentine on Valentine's Day evening :)...It was in fact me who was disorganised without a card to give!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Foot photos

I will let you in on a secret.
I am pretty easily amused in fact, very easily amused. Particularly after a night shift. For some reason lots of random things are really funny after a night shift. Obviously this may not always be the case, one can also be quite fragile after a night shift but today, everything is very amusing.

Dominic I am ashamed to say, remains very iPhone savvy. Do you remember my 'Techno Turkey' post?
He can have your phone speaking Japanese, can lock you out of your phone indefinitely and even hang up on your boss (repeatedly) when she calls you to do an extra shift (that was an awkward moment)!

Nothing however, has been so bizarre as Dom's random 'foot shots' that keep appearing on my phone. Every couple of days these delicious little feet keep popping up in unexpected photos.
Needless to say, these photos have given us a good laugh. I found a few more random shots this morning and felt that I had to share... :)

Exhibit (a) - Little trotters casually kicking back on toddler day bed. Is that Chris' foot in the background?
I do believe it is ..... delightful.
Exhibit (b) - Yes, on the toilet. Don't judge me for giving him the iPhone to get him to sit still on the loo! 
Of course, this will be a problem when he drops the iPhone in the toilet, which will undoubtedly happen. Maybe I will stop doing that....  
Exhibit (c) - Little feet casually resting on the back of the passenger seat in the car.

Have you ever had funny photos taken by children pop up on your phone, or is this strictly a Dominic phenomena? He is pretty out there....
Where would I be without my funny little boy :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January .... where did you go?

We have been busy. We have started childcare again. It is a Montessori childcare, it is beyond beautiful and the girls who work there, I could bottle up and bring home with me. My little mate, although dreadfully enthusiastic about attending and seeing 'the kids', is struggling a little with adjusting. The girls say that he has been sad and that he misses me dreadfully. Needless to say that has been met with tears (from us both). Loving the childcare centre as much as I do, has made me feel a lot stronger through this process, but my goodness motherhood is hard sometimes isn't it? 

So, true to my New Years resolution of paying particular attention to my 'self care' in 2014, I have been eating really well, treating myself to daily juices, practicing gratitude (yes, I proudly still maintain my journal) and enjoying the great outdoors with our daily walk and even just hanging out together in our backyard. Chris and I kicked a ball around the backyard the other day. Those who know me would be having a bit of a chuckle at this, I am not known for my co-ordination, but it was such a good laugh!

I have otherwise been sorting through my magazines ( I desperately need to throw out my magazines from last year!) and cutting out pictures for inspiration and making an effort where possible to be creative. 
This is a process I truly love - imagining the little things I want to do with our home and recording it in my decorating journal.  
Seeing Stephanie Alexander's house feature on her blog today and on (have you got a spare million?) also got my imagination going crazy. Imagine having a garden like this! 
Stephanie has created the most wonderful home for her family. It pretty much sums up exactly everything we want for our little house - homeliness and warmth surrounded by books, photos and sentimental belongings. 
Stephanie if I had the cash, I would buy your house in a heart beat. I would love so much to navigate my way through this garden and tend daily to the veggie patch. Of course this would be a full-time job, so I wouldn't be able to work. What a shame that would be ;) 

20 Robinson Road, Hawthorn, Vic 3122

20 Robinson Road, Hawthorn, Vic 3122

20 Robinson Road, Hawthorn, Vic 3122

20 Robinson Road, Hawthorn, Vic 3122

What creative projects have you been embarking on recently?

Hope you are all well.